Are you among one of those people?
   People who want to lose inches to improve their shape and health
   Anyone who wants to look terrific-FAST
   People who want to spot reduce
   Anyone who needs to tighten body tissue and improve muscle definition
   Women who need hips, thighs, and upper arms tightened and lifted
   Anyone who would likes to detoxify his or her body 
   Women who want to reduce cellulite
   People who want to stay firm while on a weight loss program
   Men with flabby stomachs, waists, and midriffs
   People with dry or rough skin
  Anyone who wants to reduce stress and feel more relaxed

  Anyone who wants to have a more youthful appearance and feel younger
  Bodybuilders, athletes, and those training and preparing for events
  People who enjoy the therapeutic values of natural herbs and minerals 
  You can lose inches of fat permanently, detoxify your body,

 firm your skin and gain your self-confidence by incorporating body wraps

  & saunas into your weight loss/diet program.
  What Is a Body Wrap?
 Wrapping the body - mummy style - with strips of cloth that have been soaked in a solution consisting 
 of herbs, minerals, and amino acids (clay and/or mud can also be applied for increased benefits and

 results), causes unwanted toxins to be pulled from the body, stimulates the lymphatic system and causes

 fat cells to be dissolved and flushed from the body -  which results in inch loss, reduces the appearance of

 cellulite, diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, and firms skin.

  What Results Can I Expect?
  You can expect to lose inches from your first body wrap. Each individual is different and loses at a different rate.

  Repeat the process frequently to continue ridding the body of toxins and achieve the maximum results.
 Body Wraps are designed to remove excess and unwanted waste in the body's tissue while tightening

 and toning the skin.

 The Body Wrap process is capable of removing up to 20 inches from the entire body in addition to

 reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Body Wraps also purifiy the body of harmful toxins that accumulate

 through such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, medication, smoking and stress.
 Many of the places that retain water are neck, calves, thighs, waist, hips, buttocks bottom areas, loose

 upper and lower arm areas, and stomach areas. Individual results may vary with each use and/or

 each person. Inch loss may not be permanent and should be maintained through healthy eating habits

 and moderate exercise
   Body Wraps are not a magic bullet for fat loss, nor are they a replacement for a healthy lifestyle.

  The body wrapping process is not a weight loss program in and of itself . 

  Body Wrapping is a Cellulite Treatment and an Inch-Loss Program.  

  You will need a series of wraps to see long lasting results
 Discover How to Relax Your Way to Weight Management,
 Pain Relief, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Beautiful Skin.

   Sweat is produced which increases detoxification through the skin which takes a load off the

   liver and kidneys.
 Pain Relief:  
   Relief to muscle and joint pains.  Increased circulation and oxygen supply promotes faster healing.
 Weight Loss:  
   Heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate increase.  You can burn up to some good calories

   in 30 minutes.
 Improves Skin:  
  Sweating carries off impurities and dead skin cells.  Skin tone and elasticity is improved. Also good for

  clearing acne, eczema, psoriasis, and removes roughness.
 Boosts Immunity: 
   Shortens recovery time from colds and flu, and strengthens immune system.
 Clears Cellulite:  
   Helps clear cellulite through sweating and detoxification.
 Overall Health: 
   Our bodies needs to be taken care of.

  Perspiration purges clogged pores of deeply imbedded impurities and dead skin cells leaving you with

  glowing radiant skin.

  An increase in blood circulation encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to your skin that in turn helps to relieve

  acne, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. It will also encourage the healing of lesions and minor cuts. 
   One session in the Infra-Therapist will burn as many calories as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes.
   Through deep penetration of fat cells, radiant heat therapy will help clear away cellulite. 
  The process of perspiration is nature's way of detoxifying your body of waste materials accumulated in

   your daily life.
  The Infra-Therapist stimulates this natural process at comfortable, low temperatures. 
  Radiant heat expands and dilates peripheral blood vessels. This action brings relief to muscles and

  soft tissue injuries.

  In addition, increased blood circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to injured muscles which helps to speed

  up the body's natural recovery process. 
  As you use the Infra-Therapist, your heart pumps blood at a greater rate, giving you the same benefits as a
  cardiovascular workout.  Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure
  drops, resulting in improved physical fitness. 
  The soothing warmth of the Infra-Therapist will relax and loosen your tight, sore muscles. Radiant heat therapy

  also relieves the stiffness, aches and soreness associated with aging. It is better than having a personal masseuse.

 Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing: 

  Cleanses the body of toxins and impurites 
  Rids the body of unsightly cellulite
  Increases the blood circulation
  Tightens and tones skin
  Rejuvenates the nervous system
  Cleanses your pores and removes dead skin cells
  Stimulates your sweat glands

  Can be beneficial before saunas, body wraps, and tanning